MakerFocus 2pcs OLED Display Module I2C 128X64 1.3 Inch Display Module SSD1106 White


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MakerFocus 2pcs OLED Display Module I2C 128X64 1.3 Inch Display Module SSD1106 White

Application: These serial modules can be used for raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B/2B/Zero, Beagle Bone Black,Ar duino UNO and Mega, 51 MCU, STIM 32 and so on. Showing graphical & textual information directly on your micro-controller projects

128 X 64 Pixel: Needn't backlight, the display unit can self-luminous. It has Super High Contrast, bright and crisp dots, even tiny fonts quite readable.No embedded fonts inside the OLED controller, user can create the fonts through the font generation software

Four square holes are easy to install
Support I2c communication Protocol
Super Low Power Consumption

Product Description
1.3 Inch OLED Module is a mini display screen with 128X64 resolution and SSD1106 chipset

These modules can be controlled by I2C compatible with most MCU development board such as ar duino, Raspberry-Pi, C51 series etc

Easy to setup
Super Low Power Consumption
Power Input: 3.3V
Good compatibility: For Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B/2B/Zero, Beagle Bone Black and so on
Support I2c communication Protocol
Super Mini size

Display Specifications:
Display Mode: Passive Matrix
Display Color: White
Drive Duty: 1/64 Duty

Mechanical Specifications:
Outline Drawing: According to the annexed outline drawing
Number of Pixels: 128 * 64
Panel Size: 34.5 *23.0 * 1.4 (mm)
Active Area: 29.42 * 14.7 (mm)
Pixel Pitch: 0.23 * 0.23 (mm)
Pixel Size: 0.21 * 0.21 (mm)
Weight: TBD
Working Temperature: -30°C~70°C

VCC: 3.3 - 5V
GND: Ground
SCL: Serial Clock
SDA: Serial Data

Package Included:
2x 1.3inch I2C Display Module White
2x 4 Pin

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