MakerFocus Solar Energy Powered Design With Capsule Shell MPU9250 9-axis Attitude Sensor for Arduino


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CubeCell HTCC-AC01 is a LoRa end node sensor and independent wireless sensor product. With a complete enclosure and protection measures, it can be deployed directly into real-world applications. 
It is based on ASR605x (ASR6501, ASR6502). It perfectly support for Arduino, can run the LoRaWAN protocol stably, and can easily connect lithium batteries and solar panels.

1. Ultra low power design, 3.5uA in deep sleep
2. Internal RGB light
3. Support LoRaWAN 4.4.1, the maximum power output of LoRa is 22dBm
4. Onboard solar energy management system, it can directly connect with a 5.5~7V solar panel
5. Good impendence matching and long communication distance
6. Perfect support for the Arduino development environment (also supports Cypress IDE)
7. Support AT command mode
8. Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS three major operating systems
9. The sensor can be replaced at will
10. Can be used for network formation or point-to-point communication

Technical Parameters:
MCU: ASR6501 (48 MHz ARM-Cortex-M0+ MCU, 16KB SRAM )
LoRa Chip: ASR6501 + SX1262
LoRa Maximum Output Power: 22 ± 1dB
Hardware Resources: UART * 1; SPI * 1; I2C * 1; SWD * 1; PWM * 3
12 – bits ADC; 8 – channel DMA engine; 6 * GPIO
Flash: 128KB internal flash
Size: 15mm diameter, 67mm in length
Battery Type: 3.7V Lithium (solder pad)
Battery Detection Circuit: √
External Device Power Control (Vext): √
Low Power Design: Deep Sleep 3.5uA

Package Including:
1* Lora Sensor Module with Capsule Shell
1* 3.7 v lithium battery
1* MPU9250 9-axis Attitude Sensor

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