MakerFocus Meowbit Game Development Board Compatiable with Micro:bit Windows 7 and Above


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Product description
★ User Manual:;
★ Makecode Arcade
Arcade graphical programming mode :; micropython programming mode.
★ Github:
★ Youtube:

160 x 128 full color screen.
Graphic Gamification Programming
Expansion function
Rich onboard resources
Multi-language support
Picture drawing Multi-
platform and multi-mode

programming Programming feature:
The Meowbit platform has its own gamification programming. It's burnprocess is the same as Micro: bit. The interface contains a real-time simulator that allows you to run the program in the simulator without having to repeatedly download the program verification until you are satisfied and download it to the dashboard for use.

Makecode Arcade
Arcade graphical programming mode :
micropython programming mode

MCU: STM32F401RET6, 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 core
Operating voltage: 3.3 V.
Supply voltage: USB (5V ), lithium battery (3.7 ~ 4.2V)
Output current: 500mA (max)
Dimensions: 2047 x 2992 x 0.472 in.

Windows 7 and higher

Package included:
1*Meowbit Programming Development Board.
1*orange silicone protective sleeve.
1*data cable.
1*special lithium battery.

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