MakerFocus Piano Music Development Board for BBC Micro:bit Board with RGB Buzzer to Play Music


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Isn't it cool to play your favorite song using the BBC micro:bit? Just plug it into this little piano, and enjoy.

Note: BBC Micro:bit Board is not included!


Micro:bit edge connector, directly pluggable
Buzzer to play music
Onboard capacitive touch controller, 13x touch keys through I2C interface
4x RGB LEDs, controlled by only one signal pin
Breakout module control pins, micro:bit SPI pins, and some of the GPIO pins, easy expansion
Offer development resources (micro:bit graphical demo/python code/user manual, etc.). If you purchase it, pls contact with us via email to ask for it!

Touch controller: TTP229
LED: WS2812B
LED color depth: 16777216 colors
Dimension: 85mm x 56mm
Operating voltage: 3.3V

VCC: Power (3.3V input)
GND: Ground
P0: Buzzer control pin, related to mcro:bit P0
P1: LED control pin, related to mcro:bit P1
SCL: Touch keys control pin, I2C clock
SDA: Touch keys control pin, I2C data


Packing List:

1 * Mini Piano Module for micro:bit

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