MakerFocus Piano Music Development Board for BBC Micro:bit Board with RGB Buzzer


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1. The piano board has 12 note buttons, and 3 high, medium and low-pitched switch buttons, which can switch high and medium bass to play beautiful music.
2. There are 3 programmable RGB lights on the piano board, which can be programmed into volume indicator, music stream light, volume level light and so on.
3.  Integrated passive buzzer and can be connected to external audio equipment - A passive buzzer is integrated on the piano board and the buzzer emits the sound of each note. If you want a louder sound, the piano board also provides audio output that can be connected to audio equipment and headphones. When you play the piano, you can make music with sound.
4. Compatible with building blocks - The micro:bit piano board is designed with building block mounting holes and is compatible with LEGO and other building blocks. The piano board and the building blocks can be used to complete some creative shapes.

Basic Parameters:
1. Power supply mode: two batteries or pin header power supply (weld pin)
2. Rated voltage: 3.3V (built-in boost circuit, the voltage can work stably between 2-3.6V)
3. Rated current: 100mA
4. Colorful programmable lights: 3
5. Circular function buttons: 3 (L/M/H button)
6. Analog piano buttons: 12 (7 white keys + 5 black keys)
7. Sound: 1 buzzer + 3.5mm audio output


Packing List:

1 * Mini Piano Module for BBC micro:bit
1 * AAA Cell Battery Holder
2 * AAA Cell Battery

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