1.54inch SPI 240x240 RGB TFT LCD Display Module ST7789 Full Viewing 3.3V IPS

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It is a high-definition 1.54 inch IPS LCD liquid crystal display module.Its driver chip is ST7789 and SPI output.


1>.IPS LCD display
2>.High Definition
3>.SPI output
4>.Adjust display direction
5>.Full view

1>.Product Name:1.54 Inch IPS LCD Liquid Crystal Display Module
2>.Work Voltage:3.3V
3>.Display Size:1.54inch
5>.Interface Type:SPI output
6>.Driver Chip:ST7789
7>.Number of Pins:8
8>.Operating Temperature:-20℃~70℃
9>.Operating Humidity:5%~95%RH
10>.Model Size:44*32*4mm

4.Common Pin:
1>.GND:Power negative
2>.VCC:Input power supply positive 3.3V
3>.SCL:SPI clock terminal
4>.SDA:SPI data terminal
5>.RES:OLED screen reset terminal (need to reset once after power on)
6>.DC:Data/command selection terminal
7>.CS:Enable signal(Low Level Available)
8>.BLK:Blacklight Control(Low Level Available)

1>.1pcs 1.54 Inch IPS LCD Liquid Crystal Display Module

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