Xtron Pro: Programmable Handheld Game Console - MakeCode Arcade (with GiTEKI Mark)


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Xtron Pro: Programmable Handheld Game Console - MakeCode Arcade

Xtron Pro is a programmable handheld game console that is ideal for running MakeCode Arcade & NES games and creating DIY projects from electronics to mobile robots, Xtron Pro can also be transformed into a wearable device with customized interfaces and functions by visual programming.

Feature Highlights

Run MakeCode Arcade Games:
MakeCode Arcade is a code editor to build Retro Arcade games for the browser and handheld consoles. You can build games by visual program language, Javascript or Python in MakeCode Arcade. During development, run and test your games within the simulator, then download them to Xtron Pro to play anywhere at anytime.

Magnetic Modular Design:
The magnetic modular design makes programming more creative and playable. Rotating the core can switch between portrait and landscape mode, so you can build games in either orientation.

Store Multiple Games:
Xtron Pro has a built-in 16 megabytes flash memory. On the basis of the origin bootloader, we added a file system to it, which makes it convienent to store, browse and load multiple game firmware.

Built-in High Accuracy IMU Sensor:
The built-in IMU sensor with high accuracy leads to the fun of the game to go beyond the buttons. You can create motion sensing games with it, bringing a whole new level of interaction to the games you create.

Run NES Homebrew Game:
On top of your own games, Xtron pro also supports to run thousands of classic NES games. Such as Super Mario, Contra, Pac-Man, etc.


Model: STM32F4
Frequency: 100MHz
Flash: 1MB

External Flash
Capacity: 128Mb
SPI clock: 133MHz

Model: DS1330:
Backup Battery: 0.3F Super Capacitance

Model: MPU6887
Gyroscopes Range: +/-2000 °/s
Accelerometer Range: +/- 16g

Type: TFT
Size: 1.8“
Pixels: 160 x 120

Type: Moving Coil
Rated Power: 0.7W

Radio Module
Model: ESP32
Flash: 16Mb

Model: 4015
Sensitivity: -30dB
Directivity: Omnidirectional

Size: 82 x 53 x 22 mm
Vibration Motor: 14000 rpm
Button: 2 Touch Buttons, 8 Physical Buttons
Battery::  Lipo, 500mAh
Weight: 70g
Connectors: USB-C, 4PIN Port, 8PIN Pogopin, Jacdac Phone Jack

Package included:
Xtron Pro x 1
Silicon Case x 1
Velcro cable tie x 1
USB Type-C Cable x 1
Sprite Design Card x 1
Sticker x 1
Quick Start Guide x 1

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