Type-C USB Tester Voltmeter Meter and Current Tester 0-5.1A 4-30V USB Power Meter


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Product description
Measuring range: 4-30 (V)  
Input voltage: 4-30 (V)
Usb smart detector: current, voltage, capacity, power, temperature, time, type-c interface
Current: 0-5.1A
Voltage: 4-30 V
Timing: 0-99 hours
Power: 0-155 W
MAC: 0-99999 mAh
Internal temperature: 0-80 degrees

High-quality raw materials: 1. Safety plug, suitable for any electronic device with USB-C, Type-C, suitable for a variety of environments (aluminum alloy joints, precision built to effectively avoid oxidation and rust); 2. Robust interface , sensitive touch, aluminum alloy material, (built-in aluminum alloy plate, anti-friction and anti-rust for repeated use). 3. Clear screen, using USB monitor, the state of charging is clear at a glance, the number is clearly visible; 4. Type-C interface, time timing, no explosion, to prevent accidents;

Button function: Click the button to view the charging data saved in groups 1-9; press and hold the button for 3 seconds to clear the charging data saved in a single group; double-click the button to rotate the display content for convenient viewing;
Connection method: USB-Type-C power adapter - USB-Type-C tester - load or digital device;
Core monitoring items: {current, voltage, capacity, power, temperature, timing}. Detect the USB you use in real time to avoid accidents.

Do not exceed the voltage and current range when using!
Package Including
1 * Type-C USB Tester

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