TF03 Lidar Distance Sensor with 180m Measurement 1cm Resolution for Automotive Anti-Collision

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TF03, as a single-point long distance Li-DAR in accordance with the industrial level, mainly targets at the intelligent transportation system, industrial UAV, automotive industry,industry and other applications.
To maximize different requirements in different applications and scenarios, TF03 can be compatible with a variety of communication interfaces, featuring IP67 high-intensity bodywork and the measurement frequency as high as 10KHz. It not only has powerful performance and rich interfaces, but also is small in volume, so that it could be integrated more easily in applications. In addition, TF03 contains a compensation algorithm targeting outdoor highlight environment, so that it could still work normally in highlight environment. 
Besides, it also has a variety of measurement models and parameters for custom configurations, so as to meet the ranging needs of different customers.

Product Performance:
Range: 180m@90% reflectivity, 70m@10% reflectivity, 130m@90%, reflectivity&100Klux, 50m@10%reflectivity&100Klux.
Non-detection zone: 10cm
Distance resolution: 1cm
Accuracy: ±10cm(less than 10m), 1%(more than 10m)
Repeatability: 1σ:<3cm
Frame rate: 1Hz-1000Hz adjustable(default 100Hz)
Ambient light immunity: 100Klux
Over range output: 180m(default value, revisable)

Optical Parameters:
light source: LD
Wavelength of light source: 905nm
Detection angle: 0.5°
Spot size: 100m away: 100cm*28cm(horizontal*vertical)

Electrical Parameters:
Supply voltage: DC 5V(≥180mA)
Average current: ≤180mA
Power consumption: ≤0.9W
Peak current: ≤180mA
Communication voltage level: 3.3V


Packing List:

1 * TF03 Li-DAR Sensor Module
1 * Cable(Terminal block type is MH1.25-7P)

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