Makerfocus Smart Tank Robot Kit with WIFI Camera For Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+


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Compatible with the latest version of Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+ board

The entire vehicle adopts 2mm blue thickened aluminum alloy frame, installation is simple and firm.

BST-4WD multi-functional expansion board, it is equipped with some interfaces of various sensors and communication modules, and it is compatible with four core controllers: Arduino UNO, 51 microcontroller, STM32, and Raspberry Pi.

It supports multiple functions: High angle climbing; Tracking; Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance; Overing the obstacle, etc.

Users can use C language programming and Python programming.

The car and Camera cloud platform can be controlled by Bluetooth App remote control by Android mobile; HD video real-time transmission can be realized by Raspberry Pi coming with WIFI.

The vast amount of data and sample program for reference

Package list:

1 x 4 channel tracking sensor

1 x 4WD expansion board

1 x ultrasonic sensor

1 x colorful car light

2 x caterpillar track

1 x 18650 battery box

3 x 18650 battery

1 x Bluetooth 4.0 module

1 x 12.6v charger

2 x 370 motor

1 x servo package

1 x 6pin flat cable

2 x 4pin flat cable

1 x 40pin flat cable

2 x active wheel package

2 x drive motor package

1 x copper pillar & screw & nut package

2 x separation pillar

4 x rivet

1 x plastic gasket

1 x screwdriver

1 x manual

1 x HD camera

2 x SG90 camera servo

1 x Fixed frame

1 x USB cable

2 x 4mm coupling

5 x jumper cap

1 x aluminum stereo chassis


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