Seamuing WiFi Test Tool Deauther Watch V3S ESP8266 ESP07 Programmable Development Board


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Seamuing WiFi Test Tool Deauther Watch V3S ESP8266 ESP07 Programmable Development Board with OLED Display,Type-C Interface, SMA Connector, Silicone Strap Built in 1000mAh Battery for NodeMCU Arduino

Deauther Watch V3S is the updated version of the old V3. With the latest Deauther software, you can perform various attacks to test WiFi networks. Please note that ESP8266 only supports 2.4GHz frequency. Additionally, you can utilize it for developing your own software. It is user-friendly and operates similar to any other ESP8266 development board.
WiFi chip upgraded from 1MB ESP07s to 4MB DSTIKE ESP07.
Watch strap upgraded from knitted strap to silicone strap.
Battery upgraded from 800mAh to 1000mAh.
USB upgraded from Micro USB to Type-C.
Indicator LEDs have been removed to eliminate annoyance.
Laser has been removed.
An external SMA connector has been added.
Introducing a new power supply solution that allows for power on/off by pressing for 3 seconds.
Deauther Attack: Disconnect 2.4G WiFi
Deauther Beacon: Create fake networks
Deauther Probe: Confuse WiFi trackers
Packet Monitor: Display WiFi traffic
Clock: Real Time Clock Adjustable
Display: SH1106 1.3" OLED
Display SDA: GPIO 5
Display SCL/SCK: GPIO 4
WS2812b LED: GPIO 15
Button Up: GPIO 12
Button Down: GPIO 13
Button Select: GPIO 14
Bright LED: GPIO 16
Side Button: Power and Reset
Pacakge Included:
1 x DSTIKE Deauther Watch V3
1 x Typec Power/Data cable
1 x Arcylic Cover board
1 x Software manual


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