Seamuing UV Disinfection Box Cell Phone Sanitizer Remove 99.99% Bacteria Portable Wireless


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Product description

Medical grade UV 99.99%, comprehensive sterilization.
Automatic sterilization, high light transmittance, pure ultraviolet radiation, safety and environmental protection.
Aromatherapy function, you can increase aroma at the same time when disinfecting small items.
Put the items in the box and solve the sterilization problem with one click.
Lightweight and compact design, easy to carry.
Multi-object disinfection, which can disinfect masks, cellphones, jewelry, mobile phones, etc.
It can be used both as a portable power source and as a sterilizer.
It can be used as both a sterilizer and a portable wireless charging power source.

Rated voltage: DC5V
Input current: 1-2A
Disinfection power: 2W
Maximum Power: 9w
Body size: 230 * 120 * 35MM
UV wavelength: 253.7NM

Package Including
1 * UV sterilizer box

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