Repair Tool KitsDigital Camera and Other Small Electronics Devices Universal Screwdriver (25 in 1)


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Product description
Style Name:25 in 1
Crazepony-UK 25 in 1 Mini Precision Screwdriver Set.
Do you still worry about how to fix your precision appliance?
Do you still worry about how to take multiple sizes screwdrivers together to outdoors?
Our 25 in 1 Mini Precision Screwdriver Set is perfectly what you need!

Product Features:
---The grip handle (non-magnetic) has a swivel top which allows you to apply pressure whilst still being able to swivel the Screwdriver.
---A Storage leather black bag is holding all the various inserts. Great mini screwdriver set for home use and workplace.
---Durable and resistant kits, very good for the handy little jobs, adjusting glasses and tightening up screws in jewellery, repair dismantle mobile phones, laptops, toys, wristwatch, eyeglasses, optical instrument etc.

Step for use:
1. Choose the batch head you need to use, rotate 180 degrees and pull out.
2. Unscrew the handle cover.
3. Put the batch head into the handle.
4. Tighten the handle cover.
Package Including
10 * Star hexagon Screwdrivers (T2/T3/T4/T5/T6/T7/T8/T9/T10/T15)
5 * Cross Screwdrivers (1.0/1.2/1.5/2.0/3.0)
4 * Straight Screwdriver (1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0)
2 * Pentagon Screwdriver (0.8/1.2)
1 * "Y" (Y-type Screwdriver) (2.0)
1 * Triangle Screwdriver (2.3)
1 * Point Screwdriver (0.8)
1 * Screwdriver Handle
1 * Black leather bag

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