Raspberry Pi Zero W Official Case New with 2pcs 15cm Camera FFC Flex Cable


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The Raspberry Pi Zero housing is composed of two parts. It has a standard base with a cut-out to allow access to the GPIO, and a choice of three Lids: a smooth lid, a GPIO lid (which allows access to the GPIO from above) and a lid of the camera (which, when used with the supplied short camera cable, Allows the Raspberry Pi camera or the Noir camera to be installed perfectly inside it).

Suitable for Raspberry Pi Zero v 1.3 and Raspberry Pi Zero W.
Designed with Pi HAT's in mind.
Removable Top Frame.
Removable Lid provides easy access to the camera and display ports, Removable Side Panels with easy access to the GPIO port.
With 1pcs Short camera cable and 2pcs 15CM FFT camera cable for you easy to use the camera 

Material: ABS
Color: white and red
Camera cable length:  1pcs 3.7CM; 2pcs 15CM
Size: 80*37mm
Weight: 28g

2pcs 15CM FFT camera cable:
RPI camera cable, Specially designed for raspberry pi zero w and raspberry pi zero w camera.
Easy to install, Perfect show video; Length 15cm easy to adjust the distance.
22 pin ribbon cable, One end of the cable is 15 Pin 1.0mm Pitch interface and the other end with 22 Pin 0.5mm interface.
Utilize high quality flexible FCC cable which is extremely soft and compact.


Packing List:

1 * Red Base
3 * White Case cover(plain, GPIO, camera)
1 * 3.7CM Short camera cable
2 * 15CM FFT camera cable
4 * Rubber feet

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