MakerFocus Raspberry Pi 4B Metal Case with Dual Cooling Fan Aluminium Alloy Built-in Heatsink

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1. Used for Raspberry Pi 4B Module. 
2. The armor shell is made of aluminum alloy with CNC machining manufacturing technology. Its cool and attractive design are appreciated by the manufacturers.
3. Including dual fan and thermal tapes that reduce the temperature for the Raspberry Pi plate.

For dual fan and heatsink:
Design of low energy consumption.
Dual cooling experience, no more overheating problems.
Very quiet cooling fan, you won't be bother by the noise.
All the fans were tested by our engineer, very nice quality control.
The thermal update tape can guarantee the best thermal driving effect.

For aluminum alloy casing:
87*56*25mm. Perfect size for Raspberry Pi 4B model.
The high quality CNC aluminum alloy housing can protect your Pi safe. Radiation protection and difficult to rust.
Open design can make sure that our CNC casing does not affect the Wifi and bluetooth signal.


Packing List:

1 * Aluminum alloy cooling case with dual fan for RPI 4B
4 * Thermal tape
1 * Wrench
12 * Screws