MakerFocus Raspberry Pi 4B Aluminum Alloy Mental Case with Thermal Conductive Adhesive


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1. This protective case is designed specifically for Raspberry Pi 4B and 3.5inch display.
2. This case adopts all aluminum CNC high precision machining process, slim body, only 17mm thick. It is convenient for raspberry pi baord cooling. Besides, the heat transfer and conduction column is distributed to the whole case for heat removal.
3. There is a GPIO open position with this case, easy to pull up and insert the GPIO pins.
4. Open design can make sure that our CNC casing does not affect the Wifi and bluetooth signal.
5. The bottom of the case add the 5mm thick heat sink, which can be enhanced heat dissipation and help you finish the project efficiently.

Material: Alumium
Size: 93mm * 17 mm * 62 mm

Package Including
1 * Rasbperry Pi 4B Alumium Alloy Case
1 * Thermal Conductive Adhesive

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