MakerHawk Type-C USB Tester Voltmeter Meter 0-5A 4-30V USB Multimeter Voltage and Current Tester


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MakerHawk Type-C USB Tester Voltmeter Meter 0-5A 4-30V USB Multimeter Voltage and Current Tester 

Instruction for display panel:
1. Voltage: 4-30V
2. Current: 0-3A
3. Capacity range: 0-999999mAh
4. Energy range: 0-999999mWh
5. Timer: 0-99H
6. Power: 0-150W
7. Charging resistance: 0-999.9Ω
8. Temperature: 0-80℃ (The red icon will flash when the temperature ishigher than 45℃, it is recommended to stop using)
9. D Positive voltage: 0-10V
10. D Negative voltage: 0-10V
11. Function key
12. Input/Output

1. Press the function key to switch interface and save the data.
2. Press the function key twice to flip the screen.
3. Long press the function key 3 seconds to delete the saving data.
4. Long press the function key and link the tester with exact 5v power forvoltage calibration.

New feature: Type-C interface is fully reinforced, which solves the problem of USB port falling off due to multiple plugging and unplugging, so you can use it with confidence. Added high temperature warning function. When the detected temperature exceeds 45 degrees, the green temperature value on the display interface will turn red, and a red exclamation mark will appear to remind you that the temperature is abnormal.

1. Safety plug, suitable for any electronic device with USB-C, Type-C,  (aluminum alloy joints, precision built to effectively avoid oxidation and rust); 
2. Robust interface , sensitive touch, (built-in aluminum alloy plate, anti-friction and anti-rust for repeated use). Type-C interface is fully reinforced, Internal use of professional instrument sampling circuit, coupled with unique precision algorithm, ensures the accuracy and stability of the product at the hardware and software level;
3. Type-C interface, time timing, no explosion, to prevent accidents;
Connection method: USB-Type-C power adapter - USB-Type-C tester - load or digital device.

Core monitoring items: {current, voltage, capacity, power, temperature, timing}. 

Package Included:
1*Type-C USB Tester Color Display

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