MakerFocus 2pcs Mini Digital DC Voltmeter 0.28 Inch Two-Wire 3.0V-30V Waterproof


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1 Waterproof, dustproof and drop resistant
2. High precision
3. Reverse connection protection
4. The decimal point is automatically shifted. When the voltage below 10V, the number of digits displayed on the voltmeter is 0.01;  When higher than 10V, the number of digits displayed on the voltmeter is 0.1 and is automatically shifted.

Detection voltage: DC 3.0V ~ 30V
Working current: <30mA
Display: 0.28 inch LED
Installation hole: 23 * 10mm
Measurement rate: ≥200ms / times
Measurement Accuracy: 3 %
The mininumn working voltage: 3.0V
The maximum working voltage: 30V
Operating temperature: -10 ~ +65 ℃
Working humidity: 10~80% (No condensation)
Working pressure: 80~106kpa
Color: Blue, Red


Packing List:

1 * Blue Two-Wire 3.0-30V Digital DC Waterproof Voltmeter
1 * White Two-Wire 3.0V-30V Digital DC Waterproof Voltmeter

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