M5Stack Hat ENV, Hat PIR and Hat SPK for M5StickC ESP32 Mini IoT Development Board

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Hat ENV - It is able to detect the temperature, humidity, air pressure and magnetic field. This product relates via I2C protocol which allows you to obtain 4 types of environment data thru just 2pins, together with the tiny body, makes it a powerful application for envitonment data collecting.
Hat PIR - is an M5StickC compatible human body induction sensor, it belongs to “Passive pyroelectric infrared detector”, that detect the infrared come from the human body. When the infrared is detected, the sensor will output HIGH and last for two seconds until the next detecting round. Notice: There exist 2 seconds delay.
Hat SPK - is an M5StickC compatible speaker, integrated PAM8303 amplifier (3w single channel type D power amplifier), High PSRR and differential inputs eliminate noise and rf interference, thus it has the characteristics of simple functions and high audio reproduction.


Hat ENV:
Temperature: Range: -20 ~ 60 ℃, Error: ±0.2℃
Humidity: Range: 20 ~ 95 %RH, Error: 0.1%
Air pressure: Range: 300 ~ 1100hPa; Error: ±1hPa
Typical Magnetic Field:
magnetic field resolution: 0.3μT

Unit PIR:
Detecting Range: 150cm
Delay time: 2s
Induction Angle: < 100°
IDDQ : < 60uA
Op.T: -20 - 80 °C

Hat SPK:
Ultra-low EMI interference, 20dB better than FCC class B standard at 300MHz
Voltage 5 v power supply, with 4 Ω load power output 3 w, 10% of the total harmonic distortion.
Ultra-low noise without input
Power range: 2.8V~5.5V
Shortcut protection.


Packing List:

1 * Hat ENV
1 * Hat PIR
1 * Hat SPK

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