M5Stack Faces Pocket Computer with Keyboard/Game/Calculator


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How to upgrade the FACES panel? PLS download Source File from: github.com/m5stack/FACES

Equipped with a full keyboard panel, digital panel as well as Gameboy panel, are free to change the different operating community surface.
Each panel can be modified to upgrade, just like Arduino Pro, download firmware through ISP
Built-in 650mAh battery, set with magnetic charging base
Compatibility: All Compatible
State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
Bundle: None
Model: M5Stack GPS Module

NW: 176g
GW: 265g

Please note: 
Boot- turn on , press the swith once
Shut down-power off, press the switch twice in succession
Please use the charging base when it need charge, pls note  the charging base does not point when charging,  the battery is 650mAh, It takes about 30 minutes to fully charge, the battery can be used for about an hour after it is full.
Charging by connecting directly to the charger without using the charging base it will reset and will not shut down.
A little noisy is normal that comes out when you play a game.


Packing List:

1 * Grey Mpu9250 Core
1 * Keyboard Panel
1 * Gameboy Panel
1 * Number Panel
1 * Battery Base(650mAh)
1 * Charging Base
1 * Type-C Cable Gameboy Panel

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