MakerFocus 40 40 10 Fan 12V Hydraulic Bearing Brushless Cooling Fan RGB LED DC


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MakerFocus 40 40 10 Fan 12V Hydraulic Bearing Brushless Cooling Fan RGB LED DC

[WHAT YOU GET]: 4 * 4010 fan 12V. As long as you have any questions about the product, we will resolve your issue immediately if received your email. For any reason you are unsatisfied with our product, please click Innovateking-EU then Ask a question to contact us.
[WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS]: Suitable for a variety of products: computer, case, CPU, 3D printers, etc. Specially feature: the fan emits colored LED lights when it is turned on.
[ADVANTAGE]: The hydraulic bearing has improved the non-sealed bottom design of the traditional bearing, effectively preventing the volatilization of lubricating grease and dust from entering the inside of the bearing.
[SPECIFIC PARAMETERS]: Rated voltage: DC 12V; Working voltage: 5-12V; Current: 0.07A; Rated power consumption: 0.84W; Rotating speed: 5000±10%RPM; Noise: 20.1dBA; Air flow: 6.0CFM; Wind speed: 0.2M/S; Size: 40 * 40 * 10 mm.
[HIGH QUALITY]: Hydraulic bearings adopts special low-wear, high-temperature resistant grease. The service life can reach 40,000 hours. And it inherits the advantages of low noise of oil-impregnated bearings, and the maintenance-free features of dual ball bearings.

Product description
Hydraulic fan is the fan between oil-bearing fan and ball bearing fan. It is cheap but with long life and the advantages of quiet fan. In a word, it is a highly cost-effective product.

Model: 4010 hydraulic bearings fan
Rated Voltage: DC12V
Operation Voltage: DC5V-12V
Consuming Current: 0.07A+5%
Consuming Power: 0.84W
Max. Air Flow: 6.0CFM
Acoustic Noise: 20.1dBA
Rated Speed: 5000±5%RPM
Connector: 2pin-ph2.54
Life Expectance: 40,000 hours
Size: 40x40x10mm

Polarity Protection:
1. When Vcc and GND are reversely connected, there is no conduction.
2. When Vcc and GND are reversely connected, the circuit board will not be burnt if pulled out in 5 seconds.

Package Including
4 * 4010 12V fan

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