DIY GFS WiFi Wireless Video Control Smart Robot Tank Car Kit for Arduino UNO


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1.Robots use high-strength 304 stainless steel chassis,2WD motor drive,bulid-in 2200mAh battery pack,HD camera,two degree of freedom video PTZ with SG90 servo,XRrobot-link4.0 WIFI module,compatible with arduino UNO motherboard.
2.Through WiFi real-time video transmission,so you can check the video in the real-time manner on your pc smart phone and save the all arduino sensors and programming.
3.We provide more than 30 kinds of sensor Demo tutorial,the source code and video tutorial,include the source codes of Line-tracking and obstacle avoidance.



Brand: xiao R technology
Name: DIY Wifi Robot Tank
MCU: Arduino UNO
Motor Drive: TB6612 Motor Chip
Working Voltage: 12V battery Set
Compiling Environment: Arduino IDE, Linux, XR Block
Charge Type: Direct Charging
Wireless Communication: Support 802.11b/g/n  Max 150Mbps
Frequency: 2.400-2.4835GHz
Signal: ≤80m open distance
Camera: HD USB Camera with Manual Adjustment of Focus
Control: IOS/Android App/Computer Web
Size: 220x256x260mm
Weight: 1850g

Package Included:

1x Metal Chassis
1x Arduino UNO
1x Drive board
1x Camera
1x 2200mAh battery
1x Wifi Module
1x 5DBi Antenna
1x Hardware package
1x Charger
2x 9G Servo
1x XR Platform sets
1x Manual

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