10pcs lm2596 DC-DC BUCK converter high efficiency voltage regulator supply STEP Down module


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Product description
Model / Name: lm2596s DC-DC Buck module
Input voltage: within 3.2 V ~ 46 V (40 V is recommended)
Output voltage: 1.25 V ~ 35 V
Output current: 3 A (maximum)
Conversion efficiency: 92% (high)
Output ripple: andlt; 30mv
Switching frequency: 65 KHz
Working temperature:-10 ° C ~ + 85 ° C
Dimensions: 43 mm X 21 mm x 14 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Input voltage range: 3.2 V 46 V in DC It is recommended to use 40 V! (The input voltage must be higher than 1.5 V higher than the output voltage. It cannot be boosted);
Output voltage range: DC 1.25 V 72 V voltage is continuously adjustable, high efficiency (max 92%), maximum output current is 3 A;
12 V input measurement, 5 V output current 1 A load regulation rate does not exceed 1%;
High precision: The converter uses 36u thickened circuit board, high-q inductance with output LED display lamp, and super solid capacitor, which can effectively filter high frequency noise. Suitable for various electronic projects.
This is the BUCK module. The input voltage must be higher than the output voltage.
The input and output interfaces cannot be reversed.
, Keep it under 2.5 A and use the radiator for long working hours.
packing list
10 x LM2596 DC DC Buck converter

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