DC Buck Converter 60W 5A Power Supply Module with Cooling Fan LCD Display

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Product description
Input voltage: 5.5-30V (When the input voltage is 5V, the voltage can be increased or decreased, but the voltage and current measurement is not accurate; when it is lower than 4.7V, the undervoltage protection)
Output voltage: 0.50-30V
Output current: up to 6A
Output power: 60W
Conversion efficiency: about 88%
Temperature protection: 100 ℃
Power protection: 60V
Overcurrent protection: 6A
Working frequency: 180KHZ
Fan rotation conditions: current is greater than 3A, or power is greater than 20 watts, or temperature is greater than 40°C.

Note: Need to assemble it by yourself, and the operation is simple. The shell and the outer layer of the LCD screen have a protective film, Please tear the film before assemble. The power adapter is not included in the shipment. It is recommended to use an adapter with voltage of 15-24V / current of 2-5A. If the output power is large, choose a high-power adapter and insert the DC port of the module into a desktop power supply.

Package Including
1 * DC Step up step down buck converter

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