4 pieces LM2596 DC-DC insurance card converter high-efficiency deceleration voltage regulator


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Input Voltage: DC6V-26V
Output Voltage: DC5.2V (consider the charge line loss, the output is 5.2V, the load side is about 5V)
Output Current: 3A (in the absence of heat sink device, the stable output current is 2A)
Operating Temperature: -40 °C - 85°C
Quiescent Current: 25uA
Conversion Efficiency: up to 98%(MAX)(I=7V,O=5V)
Switching Frequency: 435KHz
Display: with load LED indicator
Input Mode: IN+ input positive, IN- input negative
Output Port: USB(dual port)
Dimensions: 28mm * 33mm * 8mm/1.1 * 1.3 * 0.31inch
Mounting Pitch: 28.5mm * 14mm/1.12 * 0.55inch(M2 screw holes)

1. Positive and negative can not be reversed, and the input voltage can not exceed 26V, otherwise it will lead to chip damage!
2. When working in power, you can not touch the circuit board on the sampling resistor, IC pin, otherwise it may lead to damage to the output voltage of the device!
3. For some of the poor electronic base customers say: Do not think the nominal 3A current will burn the phone burn equipment! Charging current is determined by the phone or equipment! Most mobile phone charging current is 0.8-1.5A.
4. The maximum operating temperature of the IC chip is 95°C.

Package Including
4 * DC-DC Voltage Regulator Module 9V/12V/24V to 5V 3A Dual USB Output

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