Bluetooth Amplifier 5.0 Mini Hifi Stereo 2.0 TPA3116D2 2X100W Audio AMP Class D Digital Power


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Product description
Chip: TPA3116D2 (With AM interference supperession)
Bluetooth Version: 5.0 (Without occlusion 15m)
SNR: >95 dB
Audio Input: USB + AUX + Bluetooth
Channel: 2.0 Stereo
Adaption Supply Voltage: 9-27V / 5A
Speaker: 20-200W, 4-8Ohm
Output Power:
20W*212V, 8Î
35W*2 12V, 4Î
35W*2 19V, 8Î
60W*2 19V, 4Î
50W*2 24V, 8Î
90W*2 24V, 4Î
Protection Mechanism: overheating, undervoltage, overheating, DC detection, short circuit protection

Tip: To have enough output power if the audio input is sufficient and the supply voltage/current is sufficient. The power supply voltage is higher and the relative power will be larger. The speakers with different impedances will have different output power. In the case of sufficient voltage and current, the larger the ohms of the horn, the smaller the relative sound power. Please ensure that the power of the adaptor is greater than the actual working power of the amplifier.

Package Including
1 * Bluetooth amplifier hifi 100W*2

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