MakerFocus Aluminum Alloy Armor Case for LattePanda with LattePanda Cooling Fan 4007


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This is a LattePanda alpha 864 or lattePanda alpha 800 aluminum passive cooling are designed for LattePanda alpha 864 or LattePanda Delta by Geekworm;With this box, you no longer need to use a fan to cool the motherboard, you no longer have to endure the noise of the fan, and we reserve all the interfaces and GPIO pins for your DIY. This box uses high-quality aluminum alloy materials. As we all know, aluminum alloy has excellent thermal conductivity. We use high-quality Shin-tsu X-23-7921-5 CPU silicone grease and copper sheet as the filling material for the housing and CPU. This ensures that heat is quickly transferred to the aluminum alloy housing.
In order to facilitate the rapid heat dissipation of the housing, this box also supports the installation of a fan to dissipate the housing, but this is not required.
LattePanda is a win10 mini pc; you can refer to;

Passive cooling aluminum alloy case with good dissipation;
After repeated tests; fully meet the heat dissipation requirements of the CPU full load operation;
The silicone grease is Shin-Etsu Shin-tsu X-23-7921-5, after our test it has excellent thermal conductivity(low quality silicone grease may not meet the heat dissipation requirements);
All ports and slots of the case can match with LattePanda board perfect;
Four fan holes are reserved in the upper cover; Fans with a side length of 40 mm; The center distance of the holes is 32 mm;
Smooth and straight aluminum material;
Reinforced aluminum material, lightweight and durable, long-lasting stainless
Easy to install;
Ultra-thin design.

Test Experience-Included Cooling Fan:
According to our test, the case can provide enough heat dissipation ability even when the CPU is working on 100%, but this will lead to the temperature of the case (cover) will be up to 72 ℃.
So we design four screw holes on the case for you to install the cooling fan, which can help the case rapidly cooling down when you use the fan on the case. Cooling Fan(4007) is included in this package.
You could also use cooling fans like 4010, 4012 fan. The fan Dimensions should be 40 x 40mm with 32±0.3mm hole, and the screws should be M3 Screws.
We suggest to use the M3 nylon screws, which will not leave scratches on the case.


Packing List:

1 * Aluminum Alloy Case for LattePanda Board
1 * 4007 Cooling Fan
1 * Copper heatsink (19.92 x 15.27 x 0.9mm/0.78 x 0.6 x 0.03inch)
1 * 1g Thermal grease silicone

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