MakerFocus 4pcs I2C OLED 0.96 Inch Display Module with Du-pont Wire 40-Pin for Arduino UNO R3 STM

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New version: GND pins are arranged in the first place instead of VCC, and the pins are already soldered and do not need to be soldered by yourself!

I2c IIC Serial Oled LCD LED Blue Display Module:
Size: 0.96 inch
Resolution: 128*64
OLED display color: White
Viewing angle: greater than 160 degrees
Supported platforms: arduino, 51 series, MSP430 series,
STIM32 / 2, SCR chips
Low power consumption: 0.04W during normal operation
Support wide voltage: 3.3V-5V DC
Working temperature: -30-80 degrees
Volume: 27 mm * 27 mm * 4.1 mm
Driver IC: SSD1306
Communication: IIC, only two I / O ports
No font: The software takes word modulo
Backlight: OLED self light, no backlight

GND: Ground
VCC: 3.3-5V
SCL: Serial Clock
SDA: Serial Data

Du-pont Wire:
Female to Female
Quantity: 40pcs
Length: 20cm/7.87 inch
2.54mm 1p-1p pin head.


Packing List:

4 * 0.96 inch I2C White Display Module
40 * 20CM Du-pont Wires Female to Female