MakerFocus 4pcs Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A 18650 Battery Charger PCB Module Board For DIY Power Bank


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Charge indication: IN letters will appear on the charging display.
Output load indication: After the load is connected, long press the LED light button, the output starts, the display will appear OUT letters and relative output voltage and current 5V1A or 5V2.1A.
Protection function: The protection circuit of the boosted lithium battery has been integrated to prevent over-discharge, over-charge, and overload.
Can receive a section of lithium battery can also be connected in parallel multi-section lithium battery.
The capacity does not exceed 200,000 milliamps and the voltage of 3.-4.2V can be used.
Lithium positive electrode B+ lithium negative electrode B-.

Size: 58MM*27MM*15MM.
Input Port:micro USB 
Input Power Supply: DC 5V 
Output Power Supply: DC 5V 1A 2.1A 
Power Conversion:85% 
protection:overcharge protection,overdischarge protection, short circuit protection,over current protection,over temperature protection 
Power Capacity Display:0-100%

1. The B+ and B- connected to the boosted battery must not be reversed.
2. Long press the switch, the manboard will turn on the USB output,long press it again to turn off the USB output; Press the switch twice to turn on the lamp, and press twice again to turn off the lamp
3.  When use the board at first time, please connect 5V power adapter to the micro USB port to activate the board.
It support multi battery in parallel connection.

How to choose the right battery:
The battery should be flat 18650 battery, 65mm long, pointed battery can not be used. If you use old batteries, different capacities, different brands are not available, disassemble the battery to ensure that each voltage is at least 3.5V or more, if the voltage is too low, then you can put it into the battery. (Note: You can also use lithium battery, mobile phone tablet battery)

How to distinguish between battery +-pole and power box +-pole:
In general, the 18650 battery has a negative electrode in the plane, and a positive hole in the hole. Must not be installed anti-battery, anti-burn once installed, and then loading pairs is useless.

Why is there no power output after the battery is installed:
After installing the battery, you must plug in the 5V charger to activate it.


Packing List:

4 * Charging Module Dual USB

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