MakerFocus 2pcs Micro:bit Protective Case Non-acrylic Colorful Silicone Case


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Micro:bit Protective Silicone Case is based on the degree of children's preference and audience to improve the design and created.It's aimed to create a more positive and interesting programming environment for children, to get rid of the past boring programming life.

1. Cute and unique appearance.
2. Food grade silicone material.
3. Protect Micro:bit Board from external wear
4. Let the classroom teaching more safe and good admission
5. Add a touch of color to the dull programming
6. Adorable  Colorful  Unique

Color: Red and Orange/Yellow and Blue
Size: 56*45 mm


Packing List:

2* Micro:bit Protective Silicone Case(Red and Orange/Yellow and Blue optional)

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