MakerFocus 2pcs Digital AC Voltage Meter 0.39inch AC100V~300V/0.00~50A


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1. This voltage and current display meter is installed in split type . Split type: Convenient to installation, and the transformer is separated from the instrument.Transformers can be installed according to the actual position measured (the lead of the secondary end of the transformer can be lengthened to achieve the desired installation position);
2. The wiring order of the meter is: First connect the circuit of the current loop, 220V voltage is finally connected, After turning on the 220V power supply, It is not possible to touch any components and circuits on the back of the instrument to avoid the risk of electric shock.
3. This meter is designed based on the principle of capacitance step-down. Because the higher the frequency, the smaller the impedance of capacitance, it is not suitable for high frequency electronic speed regulation, non-commercial sinusoidal frequency, or other occasions with high frequency components. If you use in these situations , it is easy to burn out!!!
4. Installation method - split type: The green terminal is connected to the AC transformer CT, and the two yellow lines are connected to measure the AC voltage. Do not connect incorrectly. If the connection is wrong, it will cause instrument damage. Responsibility at your own risk.

Product Parameters:
Voltage measurement range: AC100V-300V
Current measurement range: 50A (0.00-50A)
Display mode: Double 0.39 inch high brightness LED digital tube
Display color: one: Red + Red, one: Red + Blue

Main indicators:
Measurement accuracy: 1% ± 2 words
Measuring speed: about 2 times per second
Dimensions: 70*40*30mm
Installation size: 68*38mm
Power supply line, measuring line length: About 150mm
Split transformer lead length: About 100mm

The limit working condition:
Working temperature: -10 ~ +50 ° C
Working humidity: 10 ~ 80% (no condensation)
Working pressure: 80 ~ 106kPa
Sunlight: no direct radiation


Packing List:

1 * 0.00~50A AC100~300V Dual Display Current Voltage Meter Red + red
1 * 0.00~50A AC100~300V Dual Display Current Voltage Meter Red + blue

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