2pcs Bluetooth Receiver Board 5V Wireless Stereo Music Module 4.0 Audio


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Bluetooth Receiver Board can be used as an ordinary amplifier, active speakers to increase the bluetooth connection function. This is a Bluetooth Receiver Board, not power amplifier board! What circumstance do i need to use the capacitor? If the power amplifier board has no input capacitance or there is power supply interference, the capacitor is connected in parallel with the power supply. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to access the capacitor.

If there is a background noise. To overcome this, please parallel the two capacitors in the packing list to the circuit! (The third and fourth image have show how to connect the circuit.

7 pin output interface for the 2.54 hole spacing, 7 pin output interface is: + power, right, left sound channel, channel, mute, LED status indicator, reserved ports. The LED status port is connected to a 100 ohm resistor in series to indicate that it is connected to the ground. When Bluetooth is not connected, it flashes quickly. After the Bluetooth connection is successful, it is flashed slowly;
Volume is: 30 mm X 20 mm X 3 mm.

Packing list: 2 * 5V Audio Receiver Module 2 * capacitors 1* LED 1* resistance

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