6pcs Optical Endstop with 1M Cable Optical Switch Sensor Optical Switch Module for 3D Printer


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Product description
This module is only used for parallel connection of the motor terminals. One drive drives two motors. It is only suitable for parallel connection of small printers or small current motors. (The current is evenly divided when the same motor is used in parallel).

Special designed for stepper motor-side parallel, a driver drives two motors, put them in-line (series) with the motor.
Comes with a 4 pin cable (4 inch), easy to connect.
Only for mini printers or small current motors in parallel (with the same motor in parallel, the current are divided evenly).
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Module Size: 25mm*15mm
Cable Length: 100mm
Weight: 5g

Package Including
4 * Dual z stepper motor parallel module
4 * 100mm Cable

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