MakerFocus 12pcs Raspberry Pi 4B Aluminum Radiator Cooling Kit Heat Sink Set Cooler


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Product Desciption
Are you still worried about the heat dissipation function? Do you want to have a new heat sink? The new Raspberry Pi 4B aluminum heat sink could be help you solve this trouble.

Material: Alumium
Color: 3 Black/3 Silver /3 Green/3 Yellow
Suitable for Raspberry Pi 4B

These pure aluminum heat sinks include thermal tape that transfers heat efficiently to the heat sink, providing additional cooling for the IC.
The contours of these heat sinks are perfectly adapted to the Raspberry Pi 4B standard.

Yellow: 6mm*14mm*14mm/6mm*14mm*10mm/5mm*9mm*9mm
Black: 6mm*14mm*14mm/6mm*14mm*10mm/5mm*9mm*9mm
Green: 6mm*14mm*14mm/6mm*14mm*10mm/5mm*9mm*9mm
Silver: 5mm*14mm*14mm/5mm*14mm*14mm/5mm*9mm*9mm


Packing List:

3 * Yellow Raspberry Pi 4B Heat Sink
3 * Black Raspberry Pi 4B Heat Sink
3 * Green Raspberry Pi 4B Heat Sink
3 * Silver Raspberry Pi 4B Heat Sink

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