MakerFocus 1.8inch LCD Colorful Display 160x128 Pixels with SPI Interface for BBC Micro:bit


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This is a colorful lcd display module designed for the BBC micro:bit, 1.8inch diagonal, 160x128 resolutions,
capable of displaying 65K colors.
Tired of the 5x5 LED matrix? Time to get a tiny monitor for your micro:bit, this one would be the ideal choice.
Programming Guide:
Micor:bit has variety of programming methods like mbed, micropython, typescript and other programming methods, as well as code online websites which are abundant.
The official recommendation are two programming methods: typescript and micropython. Typescript is the graphical programming language.
Note:For this LCD, we only provide demo code of typescript
Typescript is a kind of graphical programming, its website is that:

Micro:bit edge connector, directly pluggable.
Embedded driver ST7735S, supports 65K colors.
Onboard SRAM 23LC1024, can be used as Video Memory, no more worry about out of memory.
SPI interface, takes up only a few IO pins.
Backlight adjustment via PWM.
All control interface pads are reserved, making it convenient access to main control boards such as Arduino / Nucleo.

Driver: ST7735S
Resolution: 160 * 128
Display color: RGB, 65K colors
Operating voltage: 3.3V
Dimension: 61mm x 51.5mm


Packing List:

1 * 1.8 inch Lcd Colorful Display Module for BBC Micro Bit

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