Makerfocus Raspberry Pi Zero W Camera Night Vision Webcam with 2 Infrared IR LED Lights


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Please note: The LED fill lights on both sides will warm up(generally in 40 to 50℃) when they working, but it is normal, please don't worry, they can keep working 20 hours, it will not damage the camera normally. You can adjust the micro adjustable resistor(beside the lights) to turned down the lights to Lower temperatures.
SUPPORT TYPE:Raspberry Pi Zero /W,SUPPORT FOR PIXELS: The camera is capable of 2592 x 1944 pixel static images, and also supports 1080 p 30 fps, 720 p 60 fps and 640 x480 p 60/90 video recording
SENSOR: 5 megapixel OV5647 sensor ,Supports up to 2 infrared LED and/or fill flash
SUPPORT VERSIONS: Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera, supports all revisions of the raspberry pi(raspberry pi 2/3 need change ffc cable); Note:There is no raspberry pi zero board and FPC cable inside the package.
When using this camera, please note: Normal problems: 1.The computer doesn't recognize the camera; The LED lights doesn't work (including one on and one off); The camera doesn't work after a period of use. Solution: Tighten the bolts of the LED and camera, then restart it. 2.The LED lights always turn on no matter if the camera is turned on or not. Solution: Connect the power supply to GPIO, then the LED light will be on only when the camera is turned on.

This is a night vision webcam camera for Raspberry pi zero W.
Raspberry Pi Zero/W Camera
5 megapixel OV5647 sensor
Camera specifications:
CCD size: 1/4inch
Sensor best resolution: 1080p
4 screw holes
Used for attachment
Focal Length: 2.1
Diagonal angle: 60 degree
Provides 3.3V power output
Dimension: 75mm x 25mm x 25mm

There is no raspberry pi zero board and FPC cable inside the package

Packing List:

1 * Infrared Night Vision Webcam Camera Board
2 * Infrared IR LED Light

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