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JDY-64 is designed for low-power lossless two-channel stereo solution. The overall performance is very advantageous. Users only need to connect the module to the application product, and they can quickly realize wireless music transmission. By default, there is no the prompt sound of button, switch, connection, and Fragment opening. The default is the headset function (does not support SD card), supports button control (music up and down, play and stop, switch machine, volume addition and subtraction) and other functions.

Main parameters:
Model: JDY-64
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V4.2
Support Bluetooth protocol: HFPV1.7, A2DPV1.2, AVRCPV1.5, AVCTPV1.2, AVDTPV1.2
Working voltage: DC3.3-4.2V
Broadcast status current not connected: 3.5mA
Working state after connection: 20MA
Deep sleep current: 3uA
Working temperature: -40°C - 80 °C
Transmission distance: 15m
Sensitivity: -87dbm
Patch temperature: <260°C

Mainly used in mobile phones, computers, PAD, etc. It can be applied to Bluetooth mono headphones, headphones, Bluetooth two-channel headphones, Bluetooth audio, Bluetooth audio receiver.

How to use this module?
1. Use the android phone charging cable to power the module
2. Insert the headphone cable or amplifier input line
3. The phone enters the Bluetooth search interface search link

Document link:
New version HIFI, it uses Bluetooth V4.2 version,which brings you better quality sound.


Available immediately upon receipt. There is JDY-64 main module and JDY-64 backplane, then you don’t need tobuy backpalne again. Operating it directly.
Mainly used in mobile phones, computers, PAD, etc. Such as, bluetooth mono headphones, headphones, Bluetooth audio.
Easy to operate, there ere many ports and button: 4.2V, 5V port, volume addition and subtraction, switch machine, play, stop, add microphone, headphone interface.

Packing List:

2 * JDY-64 Bluetooth Audio Module with Bottom Plate


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