2Pcs Digital Amplifier Board, TPA3116D2 Two-Channel Stereo High Power Digital Subwoofer Power


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Product Description
Supply voltage:DC4.5-26V
(24V recommended)
Output load:4-8Ohm(Recommend)
Frequency response range:14-100KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio:100db
Switching frequency: 1.2MHz
Reverse protection: Yes
Overtemperature protection: Yes
Overvoltage / undervoltageprotection: Yes
Size: 2.48x2x0.88(inch)

The TPA3116D2 devices feature short-circuit and thermal protection as well as overvoltage, undervoltage, and DCprotection to prevent total failure.

TPA3116 is widely used in store solicitation, home theater, square speakers, etc.due to its excellent performance and comprehensive cost performance.
More widely used in DIY audio production.
Package Including
2 * TPA3116D2 Digital Amplifier Board

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