WiFi Test Tool & Bad USB ESP8266 WiFi Deauther Watch V4 Built in 1000mAh Battery (V4)


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Seamuing WiFi Test Tool & Bad USB, ESP8266 WiFi Deauther Watch V4 Built in 1000mAh Battery

What is it?
I call it D&B watch. It is a Deauther & Bad USB watch. You can also call it deauther watch V4. You can look Deauther Watch V3 to understand what is deauther.

Why did you make it?
In order to make it more fun. I added atmega32u4(Arduino Leonardo) to this watch. Now this watch not only disconnect wifi but also perform bad usb attack!

What makes it special?
Compare to deauther watch V3:
ESP07 changed to ESP07s: With an external 3dB antenna it could search more signal than V3. You can also add bigger antenna to the SMA connector.

Added Atmega32u4:
I flashed Arduino Leonardo bootloader already. You can program it as bad usb directly.Two buttons(Digital pin 9 and 10) could be used to execute different commands. I flashed a demo program. When bad usb port connects PC, press DP9 button cmd window will be opened. Press DP10 button Notepad will be opened. You can reprogram it via Arduino IDE.

There are empty solder pads at the back of this watch. You can solder them to connect ESP8266 with atmega32u4. For example if you solder IIC pads this watch could become wifi duck.

800mAh battery upgrade to 1000mAh. There are more space inside to put bigger battery instead.

Canvas strap upgrade to silicone strap.
Design: 3D case has been redesigned. Added bottom arcylic board to pretect this watch.

Charging: There are two usbs. Each usb could be used to charge battery. But I do not suggest you use them at the same time.

Package Included:
1x D&B watch
1x Micro USB wire
3x Arcylic board

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