Makerfocus TF02-Pro-W-485 Single-point Ranging LiDAR Mid-range Distance Sensor


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Makerfocus TF02-Pro-W-485 LiDAR Mid-range Distance Sensor

TF02-Pro-W-485 is a single-point ranging LiDAR based on TF02-W upgrade. The
performance and accuracy of different reflectivity are improved, it can achieve stable,
accuracy, sensitive and high frequency range detection:
The range up to 25 meters
High frame rate(up to 1000Hz)
Automatic dust removal

Material level detection

Product performance
Operating Range
0.1~25m@90% reflectivity
0.1~12m@10% reflectivity
0.1~25m@90% reflectivity(100Klux)
0.1~12m@10% reflectivity(100Klux)
Distance Resolution:1cm
frame rate 100Hz
Repeatability 1σ:<2cm(0.1~25m@90% reflectivity)
Ambient light resistance 100Klux
Operation temperature -20~60℃
Protection Level IP5X

Optical Parameters
Light source:VCSEL
Central wavelength:850nm
Photobiological safety:Class 1(EN60825)

Electrical Parameters
Supply voltage:DC 7~30V
Average Current:≤200mA@12V
Power consumption:≤4.8W
Peak Current:400mA@12V
Communication interface:RS-485

Other parameters
Dimensions 85x59x43mm(L*W*H)
Weight 92g(Including connect cable)
Enclosure material PC/ABS
Storage temperature -30~80℃
Cable length 120cm

Product Appearance and Structure

Communication Interface
Default Baud rate:115200
Data bits:8
Stop bit:1

Package Included:
1*TF02-Pro-W-485 Single-point Ranging LiDAR

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