M5Stack M5GO IoT Starter Kit for MicroPython/Arduino Programming


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The M5Stack M5GO is a development kit based on ESP32 chip. You can even program the M5Stack M5GO through Arduino or MicroPython.
The M5Stack M5GO equips the ESP32 with everything necessary to program, run and develop on the wonderchip. It also features a Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer), 3-Axis Digital Magnetometer, MEMS(MPU9250) and a TFT LCD, so you can create a 3D remote gesture controller, a simple "Leap Motion" via M5Stack M5GO in a day in stead of couple weeks and so on.
The POT Unit is a potentiometer sensor for M5GO that can detect rotary angle.
The RGB Unit is a sensor including three RGB LED lights and two GROVE ports.You can display specified color using M5GO Core through Arduino or MicroPython.
The IR Unit is a IR infrared obstacle avoidance sensor for M5GO. It can be widely used in robot obstacle avoidance, obstacle avoidance car, line count, and black and white line tracking and so on. It has a pair of infrared transmitting and receiving tube, tube infrared emit a certain frequency, when detecting direction meet with obstacles (reflecting surface), reflected infrared receiving tube, after the comparator circuit processing, green indicator will light up, at the same time signal output interface to output digital signal.
The ENV Unit is a environment sensor for M5GO that can easily detect temperature, humidity and air pressure with M5GO Core, including temperature and humidity sensor and absolute barometric pressure sensor.
The HUB Unit is a module for M5GO to expand GROVE port added three GROVE ports for user. So you can control 3 GROVE devices with only one M5GO Core at a time.
The PIR Unit is a human infrared sensor for M5GO that can easily detect whether someone appears in front of it with M5GO Core.

Note: The instruction is equipped with the product!


Support MicroPython / Arduino Programming over Internet
Compatible with LEGO
Support TF Card
IR Unit: can detects the distance 2 ~ 5cm
ENV Unit:
Temperature: measuring range: 20 ~ 60℃, resolution: ±0.2℃
Humidity: measuring range: 20 ~ 95℃, resolution: 0.1%
Air pressure: measuring range: 300 ~ 1100hPa, resolution: ±1hPa
PIR Unit: 
Detects the distance 150cm

ESP32: 240MHz dual core, 600 DMIPS, 520KB SRAM, Wi-Fi, dual mode Bluetooth
Input: 5V @ 550mAh
Interface:TypeC *1, GROVE(I2C+I/0+UART), Pogo Pin * 1
LCD: 2 inch, 320 * 240 Colorful TFT LCD, ILI9342
Microphone: MEMS Analog BSE3729 Microphone
MEMS:MPU6050, MAG3110
Op.Temp.: 32°F to 104°F ( 0°C to 40°C )
Case: Plastic ( PC )
Weight: 56g

For people:
Software / hardware product engineers, designers, project contractors, enthusiasts, start-ups, educational groups  and Maker groups.

Documents: Download the code here: https://github.com/m5stack;

Note: The instruction is equipped with the product!


Packing List:

1 * M5Stack M5GO
1 * M5GO Bottom
1 * ENV Unit
1 * IR Unit
1 * RGB Unit
1 * PIR Unit
1 * POT Unit
1 * HUB Unit
1 * Type-C USB Cable
1 * User Manual

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