Variable Adjustable Lab Bench Digital Control Power Supply with 4-Digital LCD Display 30V 60V 6A


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Adopt high precision sampling chip, ensure product measurement accuracy and stability, 4 digit resolution.
Keypad, encoder potentiometer and multifunction button combination, convenient to adjust at big or small range.
Support data storage function, can store or call out the setting parameters immediately.
Support button lock funtion, can prevent operation by mistake.
Green and black charging terminals specially for the battery charging, don't worry about connecting reversely, you can use it to charge multiple types of batteries.

Input voltage: 6-70.00V
Output voltage: 0-60.00V
Output current: 0-6.000A
Output power: 0-360.0W
Capacity measurement range: 0-9999.99Ah
Energy measurement range: 0-9999.99Wh
External sensor Temperature detection range:  -10°~100°C

1. Operation instructon, PC software instruction, APP instruction, APP and PC software download link:
2. APP Google download: Search RdPower to download
3. Operation instruction video:

1. Don't install or remove Wi-Fi module when the power is on, or else it will be damaged.
2. The Wi-Fi communication can only supports 2.4G signal, 5G signal unsupported.
3. You can not connect non-original accessories to the Temperature Sensor / Fan / Communication interface on the board, avoiding device burnt.
4. Non-professionals cannot use the battery charging function, otherwise there is a danger of fire and explosion.
5. It is recommended to use fork terminal cables or lantern head cables as output cables, and you cannot use stackable connector (it may cause poor contact). Never insert the multimeter probes to the terminals (it will damage the terminals).
6. For PC software, it only support win 7 and above for now. For APP, it only support android 5.0 and above. for APP and PC software, please download first to check before buying , if you can download and install, you can make order.


Packing List:

1 * Power supply host
1 * WiFi board
1 * Temperature probe
1 * Spare fuse
2 * Fork terminal.

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