MakerFocus Raspberry Pi Battery Pack UPS HAT Board with 4 LED Power Indicator(2600mAh Battery)


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Standard dimension of Raspberry Pi HAT, and it's compatible with all of the expansion board.
Cascading design saves space while powering raspberry pi and expansion boards without affecting GPIO expansion.
Support up to 2A quick-charge technology, can rapidly charge full the battery.
Can be charged and supplied power to raspberry pi at the same time.
With 4 LED power indicator;
Provides an example code to beginner to demonstrate how to demonstrate battery capacity displays the current battery level in the raspberry pi
current program, it can detect the current battery, voltage etc.
Applicatoin scene 1: You can program to control automatic backup of data at low power and safe shutdown.
Applicatoin scene 2: Remind users to charge at low battery levels. etc.)
Removable battery, user can choose a more larger capacity lithium battery pack (NOTE: voltage must be 3.7V).
With safety protection circuit to prevent overcharge and over discharge.
Retains the raspberry GPIO interface, you still can use all kinds of expansion board;
It is Mini UPS power supply; maximum 5V / 2A output, and maximum 5V / 2A input.
Note: The capacity of Lithium Battery is 2500mAh
Note: The USP HAT will provide power to Raspberr pi via GPIO pin;
Don't connect the micro USB to rasberrry pi; please connect the micro USB to UPS HAT board


Packing List:

1 * Raspi UPS HAT Board
1 * Li-ion Battery(2500mAh)

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