2 piece set cx405 1S lithium polymer battery USB charger 4.2 V 4.35 V Lipo lihv jst-ph 2.0 mcpx


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Product description

2 pcs cx405 1S lithium polymer battery USB charger 4.2 V 4.35 V lithium polymer lihv jst-ph 2.0 mcpx connector small you
USB standard power interface, simple operation, plug and play
Four channels independent charging output, can charge 4 batteries at the same time
Support switch lithium polymer (3.7 / 4.20 V) / li-hv 1.5 inches (3.8 / 4.35 V) by pressing the button
For these four independent channels, the LED flashes to indicate charging, and the solid 4 LED lights indicate the charging status and indicate full energy
Smart scan battery access, no battery access
LED charging instructions, LED flashing lithium polymer charging, LED flashfor li-hv charging process
LED type selection indicator, LED flashing direction display type, left, lithium polymer battery setting, suitable for li-hv from the left side on the right
Support battery type: Lithium polymer 3.7 V / li-hv 3.8 V, 1 mobile phone
USB power interface, input: 5 V ± 5% 0.5 ~ 2 A
Battery charging interface voltage output range: 6.35 ~ 4.35 V 1 battery lithium poly or li-hv
Battery charging interface current output range: 500 mA x 4 chusb 5 V / 2 A
Battery charging termination voltage: lithium polymer type 4.20 V ± 0.5%, li-hv type 4.35 V ± 0.5%
Output power range of battery charging interface: 2.1 cm wide x 4 chusb 5 V / 2 A
Display mode: 4 green LED indicator shows three states independent (no battery, charging, charging completed)
Product size: 102 X 22 X 12 mm
Product weight: 15 grams

packing list
2 * cx405 1S lithium polymer battery USB charger

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