MakerFocus DS3231 RTC Module Raspberry pi Real Time Clock Module with Coin Battery


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Functions overview:
RTC modules is used to save time, record the data, this module use farad capacitance, which is higher cost performance.
it is the upgrade version of the RPI RTC module with farad capacitor.
Product features:
- DS3231 internal integration crystals circuit, less power consumption
- This module is suitable for the power to save time, record the data
- I2C communication, simple configuration
Makerfire group is focus on RPI peripherals.There are many RPI Add-ons available in Amazon.Your could use the keyword Makerfire RPI to find.Below are the add-ons provided by us.
RPI RTC module
Model B or B+ T-Cobber GPIO interface board
RPI L298N motor driver board
RPI RS232 UART shield
Model B or B+ 3-row GPIO extended board
Model B or B+ 3-row Prototype board
RPI B+ to B GPIO Convertor board
RPI Temperature Sensor Module


Packing List:

1 * Raspberry Pi RTC Module
1 * Coin battery

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