Raspberry Pi Supply Module with 3800mAh Lithium Battery for Raspberry Pi 3 Pi 2 Model B Zero

Raspberry Pi

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Product description
Lithium Battery Expansion Board for Cellphone Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Pi 2B B+

Battery capacity: 3800mAH Maximum
output current: 1.8A
Output voltage: 5.1V ± 0.1V
Double USB output
Standard charging current / voltage: 1.0A/5.0V
It can last about 9 hours if only pi 3.
The Lithium battery expansion board can be also used on cellphone.

The working PMU (Power Manage Unit)can be only worked for charging mode or step-up mode at the same time.
If the USB-A interface without any external load (like Pi), with 5V input voltage of MicroUSB, then the PMU enter charging mode. The PMU will integrate a current-limiting resistor with the external voltage, 5V voltage for Lithium battery, around 4.6V-4.7V voltage for USB-A interface.(The "ON" LED lights )
The PMU would enter step-up mode without external 5V voltage. Under this circumstance, turn on the switch, USB-A interface can output maxmum 5V voltage, two USB-A interface can maxmum output 1.8A current. The PMU itself has current-limiting protection. it will be short circuit when over 1.9A current.

You can charging this battery even if the switch is turn off.
Raspberry Pi main board is not included!!!

Package Including
1 * V1.0 Lithium Battery Expansion Board

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