2S 7.4 V Lipo Parallel charging desktop jst-ph2.0 3-pin 4.0 mm battery for banlance IMAX B6 etc.


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Product description

2S 7.4 V lithium polymer and charging board jst-ph2.0 3-pin 4.0 mm banana plug 2S lithium polymer battery charging board with banlance charger IMAX vitamin B6, etc.
This new parallel charger board allows you to charge up to twelve lithium polymer batteries at a time with the umx-style connector.
The input connector 4 MM banana plug is connected to a lithium polymer charger to charge with a rechargeable battery.
Because it is parallel, you can charge up to 2 pieces of up to 12 batteries of the same capacity to charge the texture.
Perfect for battery use Blade 130 x MCP X BL UMX Beast MIG, carbon lion sbach 342
Checkerboard size 63 x 32 mm weight 25 g (24.9 gram)
The main series 150 mm balance line is 100 MM long.
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packing list
1 2S 7.4 V parallel charging pad

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