ESP8266 OLED Wifi Module 0.96 inches Display 18650 5-12V 500mA Compatible With NodeMCU Arduino

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Product description

1. One AD inputs.
2. micro USB inputs.
3. one programmable LED (D0).
4. Integrated 18650 charging and discharging system.
5. One switch controls whether the 18650 battery is running or not.
6. SDA OLED and SCL are connected to D1 pin and D2 pin respectively.
7. Five buttons controlled by FLATH, RSET, D5, D6 and D7 respectively.
8. 5 digital contacts can set up read / read / interrupt / pwm / I2C / one-wire supported separately.
9. Operation and NodeMCU sequentially, by adding a programmable LED, you can use GPIO16 to monitor,
Display 8266 status and other features. Integrated OLED and five buttons are more convenient for development.
10. The design concept is based on the open source project NodeMCU,
And the Development Board integrates 18,650 charging and discharging systems with charging and discharging protection.
At the same time, OLED and five directional buttons are integrated to promote development.

1. Manual measurement, please allow 1 ~ 5mm error, thanks.
2. This product does not contain 18650 batteries. If the battery is in the wrong direction, the charging chip will be destroyed.
3. I recommend using a 5V 500mA charger, more than 5V 1A there will be a fever,
Does not affect the normal operation, but in the process of charging the chip does not touch or wear,
The measured charge charge will rise by about 60 degrees with a diode chip,
Without heat during normal business hours, be sure to carry around.

Package Including
1 * ESP8266 Module 0.96 inches Display

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