Makerfocus Crazepony Soldering Station Tool with 7pcs Helping Hands Third Pana Hand

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Product description

Third Helping Hand Soldering Station Welding Tool Aluminum alloy base with Six Flexible Arms

The Third Hand quickens soldering, electronics, and DIY projects allowing you to finish your work faster than ever before! Our Third Hand makes positioning a breeze with flexible arms.

Aluminum alloy base: Φ133mm x H14mm
Universal joint pipe length: 295mm (Alligator clip included)
Aluminum alloy base color: Blue, Purple, Black (choice)

Part Number              CZ-001
Item Weight              0.64 kg
Product Dimensions     5.2 x 5.2 x 12.2 inches
Color                           Black
Material                      Aluminum alloy

Product size: W133xH309mm
Packing size: L190xW135xH85mm

Heavy Sturdy Aluminum Base ------ Φ133mm x H14mm Aluminum alloy base,568g, with transparent soft rubber pad. No worry for tipping over even with a heavy project. No sliding ------ with six transparent soft rubber pad,keep the helping had soldering station from sliding around on your bench.
Six Adjustable Flexible Universal Arms ------- 295mm Six flexible helping hands, Universal joint pipe, easily positioned where you want them. Eliminates the frustration of traditional helping hands.
360 Degrees Rotated Alligator Clips ----- alligator clamps can be rotated 360 degrees then "locked" into place with knurled thumb nuts
Universal ------ Perfect for computer boards/ jewelry makers/ arts crafts hobbyists,it can be used universally.

Package Including
1 X Aluminum alloy base
7 X Universal joint pipe

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