Bluetooth BLE Development Boards GPIO DockerPi-H Development Board I2C

Bluetooth BLE Development Boards GPIO DockerPi-H Development Board I2C


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-Open source project (not for commercial distribution)
-DockerPi series products
-Programmable, can work with mobile phones, personal computers, industrial computers, ITX.
-Support BLE, HID, UART-TTL to transmit data
-Support BLE, UART-TTL data in ASCII mode
-Support UART-TTL, HID data in HEX mode
-HID does not require driver support
-It is recommended to install at the bottom of all modules
-Low power design
-BLE module provides FCC / CE certification

Supported Platforms:
1. Tested Mobile devices : I-P-h-o-n-e 6s Plus, HUA-WEI SCM-AL09,
2. Tested Platform : sscom.exe(Windows Environment), minicom(Linux Environment), pyserial module(via USB-to-TTL cable)
3. Supoort Interface : Bluetooth LE Only / USB HID / TTL UART.

Please Note:
1. The DockerPi-H is seperated from Raspberry Pi, all you need to do is connect other DockerPi product such as Nightlight board or 4 channel relay board to it and control it via bluetooth.
2. DockerPi-H is built for DockerPi series product so that you should have another DockerPi series product at least.
3. ART interface cannot be directly connected to RS232 connection terminal. The voltages are not compatible and you need to level shift.
4. A write I2C operation returns no results, only read operations can return.

Package Including:
1 * DockerPi-H BlueTooth Board
1 * Acrylic Plate
1 * 3-Pin Pin Header
4 * M2.5 Nut
4 * M2.5 Screw
4 * M2.5x6 Copper Stick

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